Arnfinn Clementsen has more than 40 years of experience as a leader, pastor, teacher and author.
Arnfinn Clementsen was born in 1953 in the Skotselv, a village about 70 kilometer from the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

He was raised in a Christian home as the youngest of tree children, and he gave his life to Jesus Christ in an age of 15.
This personal meeting with Jesus gave his life a new direction, and immediately he started to give his testimony and to share the gospel with boldness and faith.
Arnfinn Clementsen is married to Liss-Bente.
From 1976 to 1978 he traveled as a full-time evangelist and Bible teacher in various Christian churches and settings. In 1978 they moved to Denmark, where he was pastor for two years.
1980-1981 Clementsen was co- pastor in the Pentecostal church, Tabernaklet,
in the city of Skien, the oldest Pentecostal church in Norway founded in 1907.
1981-2010 Arnfinn Clementsen was the lead pastor of Karisma Church in Stavanger. His ministry today is connected to this church where he still is one of the pastors.

Besides being a pastor, Arnfinn Clementsen is a well renowned speaker, often speaking at conferences, camp meetings and crusades. His international ministry has blessed thousands of pastors, leaders and churches in many different countries.The Karisma Church in Stavanger, founded and pastored by Arnfinn Clementsen in nearly three decades, is an independent, evangelical, charismatic church of approximately 500 members. Over the years the church has in many ways functioned as a plow for renewal and revival in Norway.
Karisma Church also hosts many conferences, seminars and leadership conferences attended by Christians from different churches and denominations.

Arnfinn Clementsen has written several books .The most well-known book he has written is entitled «Norway back to God» (English version: «Turn your nation to God»), published in 1995.
This unique book is about the nation and «the heart of the people.» It is challenging and radical, touching upon important subjects such as freedom and independence, politics, history, culture and religion.

The conclusion of the book is clear: The nation needs a reformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

About 70.000 copies have been distributed in Norway alone through «The Norway campaign» in 1995! It has also been translated into several languages.
Some of his other books are: «Build the church whole and strong», «Revival – from vision to reality», «Humanism or Christian Faith», and «Life in the times».

Arnfinn Clementsen has a simple and challenging way of preaching and teaching. Boldness and faith are distinct features in his life, and he is not afraid of finding new ways of reaching further out with the Gospel. Renewal and change is not only a theory, but it is his way of life.
He wants to see churches brake through the limitations and isolation and reaching out to new people with the life changing gospel.

As a pastor his heart is that God will form and rise up strong and solid churches that will be able to give the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people, and to se their nations changed. He has a special heart for pastors and leaders, and his focus is to rise up a young generation of men and women serving the Lord and fulfilling Gods plans in their lives and in their nations.

Arnfinn Clementsen is a man of influence, not alone in the Christian world, but in the society and in political environment as well. He is considered a bridge between different churches and communities. He is a man with a warm heart and a clear
voice !