Better Future


Better Future – Arnfinn Clementsen International Ministries

Vision and purpose
«Better future» will work to give people a better life and a better future.

Through many years Arnfinn Clementsen has been conducting seminars for pastors and leaders in many nations.Read more at presentation and biography
A number of Clementsens boks have also been published into other languages as a part of this seminars.

Clementsen have visited many countries with gospel festivals and leader seminars: 
1994: St. Petersburg, Russland
1995: St. Petersburg, Russland
1996: St. Petersburg, Russland
1997: Constanca, Romania,
1997: Minsk, Hviterussland
1998: Lahore, Pakistan
1999: Vijiyawada, India
1999: Tartu, Estonia
2000: Florida, USA – «Turn your nation to God»
2000: Hyderabad, India
2002: Serbia, Beograd
2003: Alamaty, Kazakhstan
2004: Hyderabad, India
2004: Skymkent, Kazakhstan
2006: Skymkent, Kazakhstan
2011: Minsk, Belarus
2011: Visakhapatman, India
2012: Pskov, Russia
2015: Kampala, Uganda

«Better future» is organized as an independent assosiation,
based at Karisma Church in Stavanger, Norway.
BF will work together with churches and organizations in different nations to fullfill its purpose.

Board members
Arnfinn Clementsen, pastor, sherman of the board
Steffen Myklebust, IT-consultant
Tormod Røyland, pastor Karisma Church

Welcome to make a donation

You are welcome to make a donation for this ministry.

Better Future:
organization number: 995635763
Bank account: 2801.44.12028
VIPPS: Better Future  118776

«Better Future – building people for a better future»