1953: Arnfinn Trygve Clementsen, born in Skotselv, a village 70 kilometer from Oslo,
the capital of Norway, August 25th.1968: Personal Christian conversion August 19681972: Fullfilled High school June 19721973-1978: Founder and leader of the youth ministry, New Life, Hokksund,
Norway. Evangelism, youth choir, Study groups, concerts and more.

1976: Attended Bible School at Filadelfia Pentecostal Church and national Pentecostal
center in Oslo, autumn 76

1975-1976: Full time youth worker and evangelist in the Pentecostal Church
Saron, Hokksund

1976-1978: Full time evangelist in Norway and Denmark in Pentecostal churches and
other denominations as well

1978: Married to Liss-Bente August 19th 1978

1978-1980: Pastor in Mission Church, «Vesterkirken», Brønderslev, Denmark.

1980-1981: Evangelist and Youth pastor in Tabernaklet Pentecostal Church, Skien.
Norway, October 1980 – October 1981

1981-2010: Pastor at Karisma Senter Church, Stavanger, Norway
The church was originally founded in 1916 as Pentecostal church Zion.
It It re-established changed name in 1988 to «Karisma Senter Church» after
a period of revival, growth and changes.

1995: «The Norway campaign»- «Norway back to God»
Meetings and leader seminars in 20 cities all over Norway with a special
challenge to pray for the nation.
A part of this was the best selling Christian book in Norway 1995,
«Norway back to God» which was spread out in 70000 copies through this

1985-       : Seminars and evangelistic campaigns together with churches
and leaders in Norway and different nations.

1993-       : Annual New Year Seminars at Karisma Senter Church

1994-2000: Founder and director of Karisma Senter Bible School

1997-2003: Founder and leader of the Christian organization «Norway back to God»

2000-     : Founder and board member of the Christian elementary School,
Stavanger Christian School (SKG), 1st – 10th grade.

2004-2005:  Diploma for one year pastor school by Word of Life University,
Uppsala, Sweden.
Subjects: World history, church history, mission history, Theology,
Christian doctrines, ministerial ethics, world art, philosophy, how to
interpret and understand the Bible, homiletics, pastoral ministry,
Christian leadership, and more

2005-2008: Certificate of graduation «Million Leaders Mandate – EQUIP»,
John C. Maxwells international leader school.

2010- Pastor, author and coach connected to Karisma Church as a base for national and international ministry

2011: Doctor of Divinity

2011 March:  Pastor and leader seminar Minsk, Belrus

2011 November  Pastor and Leader seminar – Visakapathnam, India

2012 Pastors conference Pskov, Russia

2015 August: Pastor and leadership conference – Kampala, Uganda