Counselling for leaders and leadership groups within church and community-life«As a pastor and leader in many different capacities throughout 40 years, I believe I have unique experience. I wish to offer my experience, both of what has worked, but also of what has not been successful. I am old enough to have experienced most of what church- and community-life presents, yet still young enough to be an innovative and forward-looking thinker!» – Arnfinn Clementsen

Great challenges
Arnfinn Clementsen has a deep desire to share his experience with the present and future generation of leaders, and especially to support and help leaders and leadership groups in important processes of renewal and change. Developments in society present leaders with great challenges; ethical, methodical and communicative, and this is where Clementsen has great experience and the ability to see vision and strategy.

Coaching of leaders and leadership groups
Many leaders and leadership groups need external support, not to take over the leadership, but to see the situation they are in. Tools are needed to take decisive action in getting out of stagnation and decline. Someone from «the outside» can often see things in a new perspective and be solution-orientated. It’s all about seeing new possibilities.
Tension and conflicts in a leadership group can often be transformed into strengths! Arnfinn Clementsen desires to see people reach their full potential and work in a team to reach common goals. As a visionary and strategic leader with a lot of experience, Clementsen has the ability to see the wider contours, and to inspire, communicate and assist in setting specific goals.
Together with the leadership, he wishes to see new possibilities and solutions, take initiative and conduct projects and processes with definable results.

Personal counsellor
Many leaders also need a personal consellor. Everyday life presents us with challenges related to stress, time-pressure, family, finances and prioritizing. What is often needed is not a doctor or psychologist, but good advice.