1984: March 26th – April 9th «Eastern Europe», visiting churches and leaders «behind the iron curtain» as a member of the board of Norwegian, Pentecostal Mission;  Hungary, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Bulgaria, and Poland1985: June 6th -9th Conference and meetings in Poland, Katowice,
Hosted by pastor Ferdynand Karel, Pentecostal Church1985: September 15th – 23rd Conference and meetings in former Yugoslavia
Novi Sad (Serbia) and Belgrade (Serbia) hosted by Pentecostal Churches,
pastor Dragutin Wolf (Novi Sad) and Lazar Stojsic (Belgrade)1987: March 18th – 22nd Conference and evangelistic campaign in Poland, Katowice,
Hosted by pastor Ferdynand Karel, Pentecostal Church1989 July 22th -30th Speaker at «Charisma Summer Conference «
arranged by Pentecostal movement, Emetten, Switzerland,
Host: pastor Jacob Zopfi1990: April 20th 30th Delegate to pastor conference at Lakewood Church,
Houston, Texas, hosted by pastor John Osteen.

1990: July 21th – 25th Speaker at «Charisma Summer Conference «
arranged by Pentecostal movement, Emetten, Switzerland,
Host: pastor Jacob Zopfi

1990: July 26 th – 30th Meetings in Lichtenstein
Host: pastor Per Kapstad

1991: August 1th – 4th Meetings in Tirgu Mures, Romania,
Host: pastor Ioan Onitiu, Pentecostal Church

1992: May 7th-10th International conference, Skien, Norway.
Speaker: Evangelist R.W. Shamback
Member of the conference board.

1993: June 16th- 23rd Leaderseminar and evangelical campaign in Romania;
Tirgu Mures, Medias, Sighishoara, Bucharest, Kitila, Oligen, Orziceni

1994: March 7th – 18th Meetings in South Africa and Mosambique.
Attending Celebratiuon 1994 at Rhema Church.
Host: Evangelist Peter Pretorious

1994: May 25th – 29th Leaderseminar and campaign in Romania, Tirgu Mures
Host: Pastor Ioan Onitiu

1994: August 12th 15th Leader seminar in St Petersburg.
About 100 delegates

1995: April 5th-10th Pastor and leader seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia
200 delegates from about 100 churches.
Theme: «Revival and change in the nation»
Open meetings in the weekend in the Leningrad Cinema Centre.
Attendance: 600- 1000 every night. Hosted by pastor Edward Chuckacin

1996: March 29th – April 3rd Pastor and leader seminar, St. Petersburg, Russia
Theme: «Building the church strong and complete»
800 delegates from all over Russia and neighboring counties.
Hosted by pastor Edward Chuckacin

1997: August 13th -18th Romania, Evangelical campaign in the city of Constansa

1997: November 5th -10th Belrus, Minsk, 400 delegates from entire nation, pastors and church leaders, hosted by The Faith Union of Churches

1998: September 30th – October 8 Pakistan, Lahore. Pastor and leader seminar
1000 delegates. Theme: Build the church strong and complete!»
Open air meetings in the evening with up to 10000 people.
National leader and host: dr. Marcus Fida.

1999: January 11th – 21th Convention and pastor seminar in Vijiyawada, India.
hosted by Maranatha Visvasa Samajan and pastor Moses Choudary.
About 400 delegates, 6000-7000 in the open evening meetings

1999: March 1th – 12th South Africa, meetings and teaching in several churches in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Host: Pastor/ evangelist Peter Pretorious, Jesus Alive Ministries, and pastor
Alan Platt, Doxa Deo Church.

1999: July 28th – August 13th Word Explotion at Abundant Life Church, Tallahasse, and meetings in Florida, USA.
Host: pastor Larry Millender, Tallahassee

1999: September 29th – October 3rd Estonia, Tartu, Pastor and leader seminar, 200 delegates. Hosted by pastor Allan Turnpu, Tartu. The book «Turn your nation to God» is released in Estonian and Russian verson.
Received in Parliament by the vice president Tunne Kelam.

2000: February 25th – 27th Seminar and campaign at «Færøyene» (Ferry Islands)
Many churches behind this meetings in a sports hall at Thorshavn.
Seminar at the Christian political party

2000: March 6th – 12th South Africa, Meetings in Johannesburg and Pretoria
hosted by evangelist Peter Pretorious and pastor Allan Platt

2000: March 30th – April 2nd Serbia, Belgrade,
«Turn your nation to God» 100 invited key leaders
from different denominations. Host: pastor Lazar Stojsic,
leader of the evangelical Allianse in Serbia

2000: May 2nd – 8th «Turn your nation to God» – campaign in several Churches,
Florida, USA, promoting my English book. «Turn your nation to God»

2000: August 4th – 18th Florida, USA. «Word Explotion» conference and
meetings in different Churches,

hosted by pastor Larry Millender, Tallahassee

2001: July 27th – August 12th Florida, USA. «Word Explotion» conference and
meetings in different Churches

hosted by pastor Larry Millender, Tallahsssee

2003: June 6th – 16th Florida, USA. «Word Explotion» conference and
meetings in different Churches

hosted by pastor Larry Millender, Tallahsssee

2003. April 7th -14th Kazakhstan, Almaty and Skymkent.
Pastor- and leader seminar in New Life Church, Almaty

About 500 delegates from all over Kazakhstan and neighboring countries as Russia, Ukraina and Uzbekistan.
Meetings in the city of Skymkent.

2004. February 9th-16th Pastor seminar and conference in Hyderabad, India
hosted by pastor Moses Choudary.

400 delegates.

2004: June 4th -11th Speaker at «Word Explotion» conference in Tallahasse,
Florida, and meetings in different churches

2004: September 27th -October 4th : Seminar and meetings in Kazakhstan,
Skymkent and Almata

Seminar with about 50 key leaders.
Evening meetings in several churches.

2006: June 2nd -13th Speaker at «Word Explotion» conference at Tallahassee, Florida, and meetings in several churches.

2007: October 12th -15th Kazakhstan, Skymkent and Almaty
Skymkent: Leader seminar with about 200 leaders. Theme: «A new area for the church in Kazakhstan». Almaty: Leader seminar at New Life Church for Kazak- leaders.
First conference for kazak- leaders in Kazakhstan. About 100 delegates.

2011: January 28th.-30th  Leaders seminar in Minsk, Belarus

2011: November, Visakhapatmam, India

2012: Pskov, Russia

2015: August, Pastor-and leaders seminar i Kampala, Uganda