Arnfinn Clementsen has been a pastor for over 40 years, most of the time at Karisma Church in Stavanger.
In the Autumn of 2010, Clementsen passed on the baton to a new senior pastor of Karisma Church, following 29 years as senior pastor of the well-known Stavanger church. He is still connected to this church which is the base of his ministry.

Clementsen’s pastoral ministry spans a wide arena, both nationally and internationally. Vision, strategy and preaching/teaching are his strengths.Preaching and teaching
Arnfinn Clementsen is first and foremost a preacher and a speaker to the people. His engaging preaching and powerful teaching has reached out to many throughout the years, and continues to do so. Many praise his ability to make the words of the Bible vibrant, relevant and applicable to people’s everyday life.
Communicator and motivator
Arnfinn Clementsen is a communicator and motivator who makes special use of his humour and story-telling gift to make side points. He speaks in churches and organizations, leader seminars, joint-Christian events, and also in more secular settings.

Heart for leaders
Clementsen has held many leadership seminars at home and abroad throughout the years. He has a great heart for pastors and leaders. He has demonstrated a special ability to encourage and motivate people in leadership, and to help leaders out of isolation and stagnation. This can be seen especially in his pastor- and leadership seminars in many countries, reaching out to thousands of leaders throughout the years. Informally, many have called him « a pastor for pastors».

The young generation
Arnfinn Clementsen has great faith in the young generation. He desires amongst other things to inspire, teach and train young leaders and future preachers. Clementsen says that he has experienced most things; good times and bad times, success and defeat, and he freely shares his experiences in an up-to-date fashion with the young generation.